ADDED ON: 08/05/2021

Chinese Social Media Nationalists Attack LGBTQ Film Festival Run By Foreign Consulates

07/29/2021 | Variety

Nationalist users on Chinese social media platform Weibo have attacked foreign consulates in the southern capital of Guangzhou for seeking to “bring down China” with an LGBTQ film festival jointly hosted by 17 foreign governments. Such users say they have flooded the platform’s censors with reports that posts about the festival are politically problematic, seeking to get them banned. An account named “German Consulate in Guangzhou” was indeed banned, although the German diplomatic mission clarified that it was not an official account. Foreign embassies in China frequently host film screenings, talks and cultural events about sensitive topics that typically couldn’t take place outside their premises. Li Dan, the curator of the China Women’s Film Festival who works closely with international embassies on these sorts of film showcases, said the invective comes from “a trend of growing nationalism among young people.” The month-long “2021 LGBTI Film Festival Guangzhou” begins Saturday and consists of 18 one-off screenings of films and shorts on LGBTQ topics at different foreign consulates. They will be attended by a limited number of people who have registered ahead of time.


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