ADDED ON: 10/25/2019

Chinese-owned TikTok Bans LGBT Content Even Where Homosexuality Is Legal

10/24/2019 | Instinct Magazine

The draw of being a part of social media and gathering followers is the big reason for many to jump on their phones. TikTok seems to be the ego toy of the youth, but you’ll see Will Smith on there and even Terry Crews, but the faces are those mainly of high schoolers and college-going folk as well as police officers trying to better the Po-Po’s image. What is allowed on TikTok? Most respond with a question. “Isn’t it just people singing and dancing and stuff?” It seems like all the fun stuff, but some people are being a little more serious on there and that is where problems areTikTok allows local moderation where banning of any content that could be deemed as not welcome can be banned. Some of these bans are of content that may be LGBTQ positive, such as discussing gay rights and same-sex couples holding hands.


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