ADDED ON: 05/13/2018

Chinese Lesbian Marks Mothers’ Day With Call For Reproductive Rights

05/14/2018 | Radio Free Asia

A lesbian activist has called on the ruling Chinese Communist Party to allow full reproductive rights for unmarried women, who aren’t currently allowed to give birth under existing family planning rules. Zhan Yingying, a pseudonym, wrote to health and family planning authorities at the city and regional level across China to mark Mother’s Day in the United States, calling for women to be allowed to give birth outside of heterosexual marriages. Gay marriages are currently not recognized in China. Zhan, 29, said she has already contributed to in-depth research into the subject. “I am a single woman myself, as well as a lesbian, and I would like this to happen,” Zhan told RFA on Monday. “I have been involved in researching this since 2015, and I have come across a lot of people, both single women and gay women, who have had … to leave China in order to have a child.”


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