ADDED ON: 01/06/2019

New US ambassador Kyle McCarter speaks Kiswahili, opposes gay unions

01/04/2019 | The Star

On Wednesday, the United States Senate approved the appointment of former Senator Kyle McCarter as the new Ambassador to Kenya. McCarter comes to a familiar territory with a promise to support the handshake and engage the LGBT community despite his strong views against gay marriages. The fluent Swahili-speaking McCarter and his wife Victoria, lived and worked in Kenya for Each1Feed1, a Christian ministry that gives care and education for orphans and widows, in 1987-1988 and built Faith Medical Clinic.  On the issues of same-sex marriages, McCarter has remained one of the vocal senators who has opposed such. Despite the US having legalised same-sex marriages, McCarter has continuously tweeted opposing the laws. He has said he supported decriminalisation of homosexual acts.


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