ADDED ON: 06/03/2020

Chinese dancer’s wedding photos revive same-sex marriage debate

06/02/2020 | South China Morning Post

A dancer has reignited a debate about same-sex marriage after posting pictures of her wedding ceremony online in a rare move for a public figure in China. Few high-profile Chinese figures have come out as gay, but Shui Yue posted the photos from her wedding to Pu Yurong on Weibo on Monday hours after they were leaked by entertainment bloggers. “It’s been 771 days since we first got together. From when we proposed to each other to the wedding, everything has been dreamlike,” she wrote. “We were fortunate and blessed. We will be courageous and happy till the end.” Her partner responded to the post saying “Love is everything.” The wedding took place in Xishuangbanna, a prefecture in Yunnan, in the far south of the country in January, but the photos and a wedding video were only released on Monday.


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