ADDED ON: 05/23/2018

China’s Government Wants to Help LGBTI Groups Raise Money to Keep Running

05/23/2018 | Gay Star News

The government in China will set up a foundation to help LGBT groups fundraise money. China will help ease the dependence on foreign donations, in what advocates have described as a positive move, China’s PFLAG (Parents, Friends and Families of Lesbians and Gays) group started the foundation ahead of its 10th anniversary this year. It revealed in a statement that it was working with an organization within the Ministry of Civil Affairs to develop the foundation. ‘We are negotiating with the China Social Assistance Foundation (CSAF), a social organization registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Once completed, the new foundation will place its funds under CSAF,’ PFLAG founder A Qiang told the Global Times. ‘The foundation will allow us to receive donations from all over the country. This way, Chinese LGBT groups will enjoy more autonomy from foreign funds, and can function more effectively.’


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