ADDED ON: 03/11/2022

Chile’s first gay couple gets married as equality law finally comes into effect: ‘Long live Chile!’

03/10/2022 | Pink News

Holding their two boys in their arms, Javier Silva and Jaime Nazar exchanged vows before sharing a kiss in the Civil Registry of Providencia of Santiago, Chile’s capital city, in a historic moment for the overwhelmingly Catholic country. A couple for six years, the pair have long dreamed of getting hitched not only to celebrate their love but to give them full legal status as parents, given that the South American nation’s conservative laws have long stymied them. They have two children, 20-month-old Clemente and four-month-old Lola María. Joining Silva and Nazar on Thursday morning (10 March) was Consuelo Morales Aros and Pabla Heuser Amaya. Together for 16 years, the couple married for similar reasons, they told the BBC, for their two-year-old daughter, Josefa.


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