ADDED ON: 12/01/2021

Chile makes history with election of first-ever trans person to its legislature

11/30/2021 | Gay Times

Chile has made history by electing the first-ever transgender official to its legislature during the 2021 parliamentary elections. Emilia Schneider, a transgender woman and activist, received 26,000 votes on 21 November. She will be sworn into the Chamber of Deputies in March 2022, which is the lower chamber of the country’s National Congress, to represent the 10th District of Santiago de Chile. “Today the security, dignity and integrity of the rights of the LGTBI community and women are at stake,” Schneider said after being elected. “The far-right seeks fear to prevail, but we have to make hope prevail, the same one that led us to vote for a new Constitution (in 2020) and the one that has prevailed in this last decade of mobilisations.”


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