ADDED ON: 09/08/2018

Chechnya Gay Purge’s Forgotten Lesbian and Transgender Victims

09/08/2018 | Pink News

It has been more than a year since news emerged of a crisis unfolding in Chechnya. Hundreds of gay men were being abducted and held in makeshift prison camps, where they were being tortured and killed. A report published in the independent Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta in April 2017 described how at least 100 men had been detained, with many more missing. The crisis is still ongoing and human rights groups are working to evacuate those under threat from the region. But the gay purge, as it has been dubbed, is not just affecting men—lesbian and transgender women are being targeted, too. Zamira*, a transgender woman from Chechnya, tells PinkNews she found out about the anti-LGBT purge last year. Although she didn’t believe it for a long time, she lived her life in hiding.


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