ADDED ON: 12/17/2021

Censorship of gay kiss on Cyprus TV ‘another setback for LGBT community’

12/16/2021 | Cyprus Mail

The censorship of a kiss between two men in the broadcast of a Greek series by a local channel was another setback for gay rights in Cyprus, LGBT activists said on Thursday. The decision to censor the scene with two men kissing on the mouth in the third season of Agries Melisses when it was broadcast by Ant1 last month was widely condemned on social media. A Facebook group called Lgbtqi activism commented on the incident in various posts, saying that the two kiss scenes of the period drama series were censored due to “legislative ambiguity”. This was also the reason provided by the channel to the media. A competent source of the channel told Cyprus Times that the decision was made in line with a radio and television regulation whose interpretation remains unclear. “There are some general instructions, the flow section of the station is very sensitive. A great effort is being made. The scene that shows that two men are in a relationship was definitely not cut. That was not the purpose,” the Ant1 representative said.


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