ADDED ON: 09/21/2020

Cayman’s LGBTQIA+ allies ‘let the sun set on hate’

09/21/2020 | Cayman Compass

Cayman Islanders gathered in a show of solidarity with the LGBTQ community on Sunday at Seven Mile Public Beach. More than 100 residents arrived, dressed in bright colours, to reject anti-LGBTQ hate speech and stand in support of Colours Cayman. “The greatest message I want everyone to take away from this event and any other event that Colours does is, we’re not afraid to be seen, not afraid to come out because we are stronger together,” said Colours Cayman founder and president Billie Bryan during the event. Anti-LGBTQ rhetoric posted to Facebook and WhatsApp in recent weeks has led to safety concerns and increasingly hostile debate about same-sex partnerships in the Cayman Islands. WhatsApp messages leaked from Cayman Caribbean Cause, an anti-LGBTQ Christian-faith group, have been submitted to police for investigation and received condemnation from Governor Martyn Roper.


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