ADDED ON: 08/07/2020

Cayman Islands Governor imposing DP bill, not same-sex marriage

08/06/2020 | Cayman News Service

Governor Martyn Roper will push through the Domestic Partnership Bill, which was defeated in the Legislative Assembly last week, rather than legislation giving full marriage equality for same-sex couples. Roper will be imposing the law through his Reserved Powers under section 81 of the Constitution and not by an order-in-council directly from the UK. The governor said it was a position he had not wanted to be in but he had no choice because he must uphold the law. Following the controversial debate in the LA last week, the premier had warned that the UK would likely impose same-sex marriage instead of forcing through the Domestic Partnership Law, an opinion that was supported by a number of local attorneys and other commentators, and was an option that the local LGBT community had campaigned for. But the governor said in a statement that the Foreign Office had decided that passing a version of the current bill would be the right approach, as this would fully comply with the Court of Appeal judgment.


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