ADDED ON: 11/12/2019

Catholic School Students Rally for Lesbian Harassed by Administration

11/11/2019 | The Advocate

About 200 students at a Los Angeles-area Catholic high school walked out of class Friday in solidarity with a lesbian student after BuzzFeed News exposed how the school’s administration harassed her for years, threatening to out her to her parents if she didn’t adhere to horrific, arbitrary rules. The article detailed how Magali Rodriguez, a student at Bishop Amat Memorial High School in Upland, Calif., was forced to sit through disciplinary meetings and see the school psychologist all while faculty watched her every move. She was also barred from sitting with her girlfriend at lunchtime, allegedly because of public displays of affection between the two. The girlfriends were told that if they obeyed the rules they would not be outed to their parents. The terror at the hands of the administration began about three years ago when Rodriguez was first navigating her sexual identity. She and her girlfriend were called into the administrative offices and told that there had been complaints about their relationship. That’s when the rules were laid down about what they could do to satisfy officials and avoid being outed to their parents.


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