ADDED ON: 05/11/2021

Catholic School District in Canada Mandates ‘LGBT’ Pride Month Awareness and Staff Training

05/10/2021 | National Catholic Register

BURLINGTON, Ontario — While a Catholic school district in Ontario failed to pass a proposal to fly the rainbow-colored LGBT Pride Flag outside schools in June, the school board changed the proposal to say that staff should “raise awareness around Pride Month.” The board mandated staff training on the issue to encourage “shared understanding” and requested a review from the Ontario education minister. Patrick Murphy, chair of the Halton Catholic District School Board, told CTV News Toronto that many people spoke out against the proposal to fly the LGBT rainbow flag at all schools in celebration of Pride Month and to put safe space posters in every class. “The reality is, we received probably a thousand emails. There is polarization on this subject,” he said. At an April 26 meeting, the school board debated the proposed motion. They amended the motion to remove the request to fly the flag and instead decided to put one poster in each school.


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