ADDED ON: 08/14/2020

Cartier faces scepticism over China ring ads featuring same-sex couples

08/13/2020 | The Guardian

A new Chinese commercial for a Cartier ring has drawn scepticism for portraying people who viewers believe were meant to be gay couples as family or friends. The 60-second clip shows several groups of people, including a man and a woman being obviously romantic, as well as two men cycling together, and two women. The commercial has no dialogue or text until the end, when it says: “How far would you go for love?” According to local media, Cartier also posted static adverts on its Tmall store page. Under an image of two women it said: “Mutual understanding beyond words. Witness our everlasting friendship.” A photograph of the two men said they were father and son. When it was pointed out the men were very close in age, different text was posted that said: “Father and son are like brothers.” One internet user said: “It’s weird to use a ring to explain the relationship between father and son.” They added that it appeared they were obviously meant to be a couple.


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