ADDED ON: 01/24/2022

‘Cars had stickers of DMK leaders’: Pro-Hindutva LGBTQ activist Gopi Shankar Madurai survives fourth attack, appeals to PM Modi for help

01/23/2022 | OpIndia

Well-known LGBTQ activist Gopi Shankar Madurai has recently survived the fourth attack in Mahabalipuram of Tamilnadu. Gopi Shankar Madurai was obstructed in the road by six goons when he was going for a post-dinner walk near his house at around 10 PM a few days ago. Gopi Shankar Madurai has claimed that these goons had some connection with the ruling party in the state – DMK and DMDK. He has said so because the vehicle in which the attackers reached there had stickers of DMK leader Y Gopalswami and other DMDK leaders. Gopi Shankar was attacked three times before this incident. He has appealed for help to PM Modi, as he was not accompanied by the security persons despite being an endangered and active southern zone representative of the National Council for Transgender Persons which comes under the Union Ministry of Social Welfare and Justice. Gopi Shankar Madurai has said in an interview that he was attacked while he was on his post-dinner walk near his house. The attackers in a car passing by approached him and obstructed his path. He said, “They asked me who you are and why are you walking on this road? I told him to ask his master who I am, as I saw the stickers of DMDK leader Y Gopalswami on their vehicle. In response to this, they started hurling abusive words.”


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