ADDED ON: 01/23/2023

Canadians are being asked to host LGBTQ+ Ukrainian refugees

01/22/2023 | LGBTQ Nation

A coalition of activists is launching a new initiative to recruit and support Canadian hosts for LGBTQ+ Ukrainian refugees. Since fleeing their homes, many queer Ukrainian refugees have not felt safe owing to endemic anti-LGBTQ+ prejudices in Eastern Europe. While Ukraine itself has pro-LGBTQ+ laws, its neighbors maintain legal systems that enable, if not actively support, homophobic and transphobic discrimination. Due to these dangers, over 100 LGBTQ+ refugees have asked KyivPride, one of Ukraine’s leading LGBTQ+ advocacy groups, for help with relocation to Canada. With a dire need for hosts, KyivPride launched The Friendly Homes Project (TFHP) earlier this month. The project seeks out LGBTQ+ Canadians, or pro-LGBTQ+ allies, who can provide refugees with a minimum of four weeks of temporary accommodations. Hosts are also asked to help refugees integrate into Canadian society – i.e., helping secure employment and fostering social connections.


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