ADDED ON: 12/22/2020

Canadian lawmakers vote for non-binary gender option on citizenship cards in ‘respect of basic human rights’

12/21/2020 | Pink News

“We want this resolution to remind all our LGBTQ2+ citizens that you are embraced in our community and your Métis government, and we are proud of who you are,” Chartrand added. The Manitoba Metis Federation cabinet, which governs the region of Manitoba in Canada, passed a unanimous resolution to introduce non-binary options and said that citizens who want to get new official documentation with the new non-binary gender option will be able to do so for free. “The MMF has always encouraged our people to believe in themselves, and be proud to be themselves,” Chartrand said in a statement. “The MMF has been on the leading edge of this topic for a number of years among Indigenous peoples,” Chartrand said. “All Canadians must have their basic human rights respected.”


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