ADDED ON: 02/16/2020

Campaign launched to stop LGBT asylum seeker being sent to her death in Cameroon

02/16/2020 | Birmingham Mail

A campaign has been launched to help keep a Birmingham LGBT asylum seeker safe from being arrested or killed for her sexuality. Espoir Njei is fighting for the right to stay in Britain. She told Birmingham Live in December that she feared for her life if she was sent back to Cameroon. She said: “I came to the UK three years ago from Cameroon because I was fleeing prosecution because of my sexuality. It is punishable by our legal system. You are imprisoned and have to pay a huge fine but it doesn’t end there. “If you are caught by your friends or family, there is a punishment called mob beating where you might be killed. Tyres could be put over you and you will be burned, but no-one says a word because you are a lesbian or gay and this is the rule.” Cameroon is one of more than 70 countries where homosexuality is still illegal. LGBT people can face hefty fines, five years in prison and could even be tortured and killed.


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