ADDED ON: 03/22/2022

Cameroon: Freed after 18 months, gay men say ‘thank you’ to supporters.

03/21/2022 | Erasing 76 Crimes

Generous donors have brought about the early release of nine Cameroonian prisoners who were convicted of homosexuality. Two more are scheduled for release this month. This is the story of the eighth and ninth prisoners to win early release through Project Not Alone / Pas Seul. It started with love at first sight. Allen was an accountant and Nick was a secretary in the same company. Soon they became a couple and moved in together. They lived together discreetly, hiding their relationship from their colleagues. “We lived happily but hidden,” Allen recalled. “Our work was appreciated by our boss until the day he caught us in a café. “We had gone out on a Saturday night for a walk. Then we decided to have a drink in a very discreet café. We were chatting quietly when our boss entered the bar. That was the beginning of hell.”


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