ADDED ON: 04/16/2021

Cameroon: Abuses of LGBTQ People Increasing in Cameroon

04/15/2021 | All Africa

Human Rights Watch said in a report this week that LGBTQ people are suffering a fresh wave of persecution in Cameroon, where same-sex relations are illegal. The group said in February, police detained 12 youths in the eastern town of Bertoua for homosexuality, beat them and locked them in a police station. They were released the same day without charge. In the western town of Bafoussam, the rights group said police detained 13 people, including seven staff of Colibri, a group that provides HIV prevention and treatment. Colibri said police beat at least three of them and forced one of them to undergo a humiliating anal examination before they were also released. Human Rights Watch central Africa researcher Ilaria Allegrozzi said Cameroonian police often target sexual minorities for abuse.


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