ADDED ON: 07/06/2019

Cambodia: Government urged to draft LGBT laws

07/01/2019 | Khmer Times

Government officials and members of the LGBT community met on Thursday to discuss the drafting or revision of laws and policies in order to facilitate their rights. The meeting was held during a dialogue on “Legal and Public Policies to Protect LGBTIQ People in Cambodia”, held in Phnom Penh. Ly Pisey, coordinator of Rainbow Community Kampuchea, said discrimination against LGBT people has decreased because the government has paid attention to support and promote their rights. However, Ms Pisey noted that members of the gay community want more legal protection through public policy. She said the LGBT community wants national identity cards to list their preferred gender and access to marriage certificates, family books, residential books and the legalisation of adoption for same-sex couples. Sorm Som, a transgender female, said these things are important because they provide legal protection.


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