ADDED ON: 01/25/2022

California mother claims teachers manipulated her daughter to change her gender identity.

01/24/2022 | New York Post

A California mother said her daughter’s teachers are “predatory” and “disgusting” after she filed a lawsuit against them and school district officials that alleged two teachers brainwashed her preteen to secretly change her gender. Jessica Konen filed the suit last week against teachers Lori Caldiera, Kelly Baraki and the Spreckels Union School District for allegedly manipulating her seventh-grade daughter to change her gender identity under the guise of the district’s “Parental Secret Policy” where teachers could counsel students about their gender confusion and assert a new gender identity without notifying parents. In one of her shocking claims, Konen said the two teachers actively sought out students who they thought were struggling with their identities and invited them to the school’s Equality Club. According to the suit, “At the Equality Club meetings, Ms.Caldiera and Ms.Baraki would coach students on LGBT+ identities, such as homosexuality, bisexuality, transgenderism, gender non-conformity, etc., and how to express those identities.


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