ADDED ON: 04/08/2022

By cancelling its LGBT conference, the government shows its lack of concern for our rights

04/07/2022 | The Guardian

This week, the government cancelled its first global LGBTQ+ conference which was meant to further equality and help tackle pressing issues like violence and hate. It did this after more than 150 other charities and community organisations from across the LGBTQ+ rights and HIV sector – including Stonewall – withdrew our support for the event. We made this choice because, after years of waiting, the prime minister broke his promise to our community to ban conversion practices for all LGBTQ+ people. In the space of just a few days, official government policy zigzagged: first a weak ban, then no ban, then finally a weak ban that only protects cis lesbian, gay and bi people, leaving transgender people out in the cold. This is in spite of the fact that trans people are one of the groups at highest risk from conversion practices. The UK government’s own research shows that 4% of trans people have been exposed to them.


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