ADDED ON: 06/22/2018

Bullying of LGBT Youth Still Pervasive in Thai Schools

06/22/2018 | Khaosod

As an openly gay man, Kangwan Fongkaew experienced a range of abuse as a child; from being called names, to being pushed around and even forced to play football by his teachers and peers because his family wanted him to act more like a “man.” So when a government official from the Basic Education Commission claimed there were no cases of abuse against LGBT youth at school, it struck Kangwan as untrue. “The problem exists,” Kangwan said. “It’s a matter of recognizing that.” His comments came Thursday during a UNDP conference discussing LGBT policy, where he spoke out when an education official painted a much rosier picture of equality.  His parents called him “deviant” and took him to hormone therapy, psychologists and even ghost doctors all in an effort to change who he really was at heart.


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