ADDED ON: 12/01/2018

Bulgarian Choreographer Captures Chechnya Refugee Experience

11/30/2018 | South Florida Gay news

Kosta Karakashyan is a talented artist devoted to social justice and LGBT rights. The New York choreographer is fighting for the vulnerable in the hostile region of the Russian Federation. He intends to win over hearts and minds through film. Karakashyan produced “Waiting For Color” – a documentary dance film about the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Chechnya. LGBT Refugees from Chechnya have told Karakashyan the film “captures their experience completely.” “That was so reaffirming to me,” Karakashyan said in a telephone interview last week from New York. Karakashyan performs ballet to the words of Chechnyan refugees as described in government police reports and articles in Novaya Gazette, a Russian newspaper.


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