ADDED ON: 04/10/2019

Buggery remains a crime, but UK hopes Guyana Govt. will soon facilitate gay rights

04/09/2019 | Guyana Standard

While Guyana and the United Kingdom (UK) continue to enjoy a healthy and fruitful relationship, and rarely butt heads when it comes to policies and laws, High Commissioner, Greg Quinn, said the UK still remains concerned that the rights of lesbians, gay men, and bisexual persons, are not catered for under the laws of Guyana. In an interview with Guyana Standard, the High Commissioner noted that there have been recent improvements on the front of economic diplomacy. However, he said, “If you are looking at the big foreign policies, I do not think there are much differences in many areas.” He said, however, that the disagreement comes under human rights. The two main human rights issues highlighted were the death penalty and the creation of rights for the Lesbian Bisexual Gays and Transgender (LGBT) community.


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