ADDED ON: 07/25/2021

Budapest Pride stands up for LGBT rights in Hungary

7/24/21 | BBC

LGBT people and their supporters have marched through the capital city of Hungary to defend their rights. It comes as the government tries to limit discussion of homosexuality and transgender issues in schools. A law to limit teaching on the subject came into force this month, and Prime Minister Viktor Orban plans to back it up with a referendum. Many of Hungary’s EU partners are furious, and the bloc has begun legal action that could affect EU funding for Hungary. Budapest holds this march every year, but the new law has given the 2021 event special importance. A spokesperson for Hatter, the country’s leading LGBTQI rights association, told the BBC’s Newshour programme that the law “encourages” and “legitimises being openly homophobic or transphobic”. “That damage will remain with us for many many years,” Tamas Dombos said. The event’s aim is to stand up for a diverse, open and inclusive society. Thousands of people are said to have joined the march, which crossed the city’s Liberty Bridge over the Danube.


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