ADDED ON: 10/14/2018

Buckle Up: India’s First Trans Cabbie Revs Up for Equality

10/12/2018 | Reuters

Lipstick in hand and phone at the ready, Meghna Sahoo darkens her eyes with kohl, combs her long, black hair and adjusts a dupatta scarf so she is primed for her first client of the day. Heralded as India’s first transgender cab driver, Sahoo drives in the eastern coastal state of Odisha, breaking into a male-dominated industry and paving the way for others to access the sort of regular jobs they are so routinely denied. Male-to-female transgender people, also known as “hijras” or “kinners”, often beg, sell their bodies for sex or extract money from families celebrating a birth or marriage by threatening to curse them with infertility or bad luck. “I do not oppose such work but I wanted to do something different with my life. I thought: ‘why can’t I do the same jobs that the rest of the men and women in the world do?,’” Sahoo, 33 told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.


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