ADDED ON: 04/15/2022

Brooklyn Man Cuffed on Arson Charges at LGBTQ+ friendly Rash Nightclub

04/14/2022 | Gay City News

A suspect has been arrested for starting a fire that injured two people at Bushwick’s Rash, a popular nightclub within the city’s LBGTQ+ community. John Lhota, 24, was captured on security video purchasing a red gas canister at a service station and filling it with gasoline, on the evening of Apr. 3, the US Department of Justice announced on April 14. He then went to Rash, on the ground floor of a multi-story building at 94 Willoughby Ave., where he allegedly poured gasoline over the floor of the bar. Security video then shows him tossing a lit cigarette on the floor, but the gasoline did not ignite. In the video, the arsonist is seen using a cigarette lighter to ignite the gasoline, causing an explosion and a fire.


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