ADDED ON: 05/23/2018

British Tabloids Using Rumors to Force Gay Athletes Out of the Closet

05/23/2018 | OutSports

Over the last year British tabloids have stepped up their effort to force gay professional soccer players to come out. They’ve intensified the effort in the last couple of weeks with rampant speculation about closeted athletes, using allegedly anonymous sources to build a witch hunt that they hope forces athletes to declare their sexual orientation. There are few more egregious demonstrations of the abuse of the freedom of the press than the dangerous game British tabloids are engaging in now. Claiming to know the identities of gay or bi Premier League players, these publications and the “journalists” behind the rumors are no better than the bums in the stands screaming anti-gay slurs and epithets at their hated rivals. Actually, they are worse. One report by the Daily Star — with zero attribution of sources, of course — claims two teammates are being abused by teammates for an apparent relationship.


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