ADDED ON: 05/15/2019

Britain is slipping behind on LGBT+ rights just as it leaves the EU. It’s no coincidence

05/14/2019 | The Independent

With UK politics so intensely focused on Brexit, it might be easy to forget that, as Britain’s international reputation continues to suffer, there are important domestic issues requiring the government’s attention. Yet if you’re someone who depends on government legislation to allow you to lead a healthy or safe life, it might be harder to forget. This week, LGBT+ organisation ILGA-Europe has announced its 10th Rainbow Europe Map and Index. The annual list is designed to rank 49 European countries on LGBT+ rights and equality. Troublingly, it has revealed that some countries such as Bulgaria, Hungary and Turkey are regressing as existing laws and pro-LGBT+ policies are disappearing. But there are also reasons for LGBT+ Brits like me to be concerned: this year, the list reveals that the UK is no longer progressing as quickly as many of our European neighbours in terms of rights and protections for gay, bi and trans people.


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