ADDED ON: 09/26/2018

Brazil’s Transgender Volleyball Star Eyes Congress Seat

09/25/2018 | Channel News Asia

After a decade of tearing up professional men’s volleyball leagues in Europe, Tiffany Abreu is used to taking on steep challenges. Fresh from becoming Brazil’s first transgender player, she is running for Congress in next month’s elections. “Why not?” is the campaign slogan of a 33-year old who has learned to face down discrimination in a country struggling to curb violence against gay and transgender people. Abreu is running as a candidate for MBD, the center-right party of unpopular President Michel Temer in the Oct 7 election. She has faced down criticism from the LGBT community over choosing to run for Temer’s conservatives, when most other candidates supported by the community represent leftist parties at the polls. “I don’t give any importance to parties, but to people,” she said. Her links to the party come through her club, Volei Bauru, which is sponsored by industries linked to the MDB.


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