ADDED ON: 05/23/2019

Brazil’s top court set to rule on outlawing homophobia

05/22/2019 | Yahoo News

Homophobia and transphobia could become crimes in Brazil if its highest court rules in favor of reform on Thursday, amid fears that its right-wing president could roll back other LGBT+ gains. Four out of the 11 judges on the Supreme Federal Tribunal already ruled in February that anti-LGBT+ acts should be criminalized but the remaining votes were postponed because proceedings lasted longer than expected. The two cases, brought by Brazilian rights group ABGLT and the Popular Socialist Party, ask the court to acknowledge that Congress’s failure to criminalize violence against gay people is “unconstitutional” and to set a deadline for legal reform. “It would mean that LGBT (people) would actually have real protection,” said David Miranda, one of the country’s only openly gay congressmen. “We need a major law to protect and give rights to the LGBT community.”


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