ADDED ON: 03/07/2019

Brazilians Demand Answers for Marielle Franco’s Murder at Rio Carnival

03/05/2019 | The Guardian

Nearly a year after the still-unsolved murder of Rio de Janeiro councilwoman and LGBT activist Marielle Franco, Brazilian revellers have used their country’s annual carnival to demand answers. On Monday night, Rio’s most famous samba school, Mangueira, used its parade to pay tribute to the murdered politician with a sequin-smothered show of song, dance and dissent. Partygoers streamed down Rio’s Sambadrome waving green and pink flags emblazoned with Franco’s image and placards reading: “Justice for Marielle.” The politician’s widow, Mônica Benício, joined the procession sporting a T-shirt that said: “‘Fight like Marielle.” “I’ve come to protest, not to parade,” Benício told the Rio newspaper Extra.


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