ADDED ON: 07/27/2018

Brazilian Scavenger Couple Celebrates Fairytale Wedding at Pride Event

07/26/2018 | Pink News

Erica and Jorge have been together for 16 years and tied the knot on Sunday in the Brazilian municipality of Franco da Rocha, near São Paulo. But theirs was no conventional wedding. Jorge was described on Buzzfeed Brasil as a cisgender man, while Erica uses female pronouns and is identified as a “travesti,” a gender expression that is common to cultures in South America that denotes a person “who has subverted the gender norms forced upon them before birth,” and “doesn’t accept existing strictly in the two single categories of male or female” as Brazilian LGBT+ activist Sofia Favero explained to NBC News. The couples worked as scavengers, collecting as many as 400 kilos of recyclable materials every day in their cart, and was well-known locally.


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