ADDED ON: 07/23/2020

Brazilian football fans put aside rivalry to protest ‘homophobic, racist’ president Jair Bolsonaro

07/22/2020 | Pink News

Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s “proudly” homophobic president, has been globally criticised for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, consistently playing down the virus despite recently contracting it himself. Fears have been growing that Bolsonaro will soon exert more control over the country’s Supreme Court, one of few forces in the country able to progress civil – including LGBT – rights, but now an unlikely alliance of football fanatics is fighting back. According to Deutsche Welle, Rogerio Bassetto, who has been a fan of one of Brazil’s most famous football teams, Corinthians, for 40 years, has been leading the protests. He perfectly explained what it took for fanatical football fans, known as ultras, of rival teams to come together: “Our president is a homophobic racist and we all have to stand up to this enemy of humanity!”


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