ADDED ON: 11/28/2021

Brazilian film traces suffering of LGBTQIA community in 1980

11/27/21 | Times of India

The 52nd International Film Festival of India (Iffi) saw the Asian premiere of a film on the LGBTQIA community, ‘The First Fallen’, by Brazilian filmmaker Rodrigo de Oliveira. The film traces the undocumented history of ‘first heroes’ of the LGBTQIA community and their fight against an unknown virus back in the 1980s. “If we ourselves do not document the history of our suffering, no one else will,” Oliveira said while speaking at the festival. ‘The First Fallen’ is a tribute to my ancestors who belonged to the LGBTQIA community and were the victims of the first wave of the AIDS epidemic in Brazil in 1983, said the director of the film.


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