ADDED ON: 10/10/2019

Brazil must reinstate funding for LGBT films because they ‘deserve protection’, judge rules

10/09/2019 | Pink News

A federal judge has ruled that Brazil must reinstate suspended funding for LGBT+ films because they “deserve protection”, in a victory for LGBT+ activists and filmmakers. Jair Bolsonaro’s decision to halt government film grants took away 70 million Brazilian real (US $17.42 million) from around 80 movies, including a small number with LGBT+ content and themes. The Brazilian president, who has previously described himself as proudly homophobic, said in a livestream in August that funding films with LGBT+ themes was like “throwing money away”. One of the targets was Transversais, a five-part documentary series about the lives of five transgender people in Brazil. Transversais director Emerson Maranhão told Reuters at the time that the president was “harming 80 projects” in order to censor his.


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