ADDED ON: 01/10/2020

Brazil issues new rules, lowers age for gender reassignment surgery

01/09/2020 | Reuters

Brazil’s independent medical regulator announced new rules for treating transgender patients on Thursday, including lowering the age when trans people can have gender reassignment surgery to 18 from 21 years old. The Brazilian Federal Council of Medicine also set out guidelines for the use of puberty blockers for the first time to delay bodily changes in trans children and dropped the age requirement for hormone therapy to 16 from 18 years old. “Comprehensive care for transgender people must take into account all their needs, guaranteeing access free of any kind of discrimination,” said the resolution published in the country’s Official Gazette. The progressive rule changes were the latest in a string of advancements for trans people in the South American country. Last year, the Brazilian Supreme Court ruled that transphobia and homophobia were criminal offences. A 2018 court ruling allowed trans people to change their name and gender on official documents without undergoing surgery.


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