ADDED ON: 02/26/2022

Botswana | Activists slam “misleading” video about LGBTI sexuality

02/24/2022 | Mamba Online

In the clip, a seemingly inebriated man is filmed talking about having sex with other men for money. He also claims that he does not use a condom. It’s not clear who made the video, what their intention was and if the man was in a position to consent to being filmed. It has, however, gone viral and has generated hundreds of comments on social media, many of them homophobic. In a statement, LEGABIBO (Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals of Botswana) said the video is being used to paint the LGBTI community in a negative light; particularly as “predators” who “exploit” vulnerable men and youth into having sex for money. “The gay community should [be] blamed 1, there is to much money involved that u can’t resist 2, poverty is increasing time to time, so the way of living u get that demonic spirit [and] join them for money,” said a person on Facebook. One accused gay people of targeting “this struggling [guy] to satisfy their sexual needs” and yet another warned that “they are turning other men into gays.”


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