ADDED ON: 08/24/2019

Bosnian party asks activists to cancel Gay Pride march

08/24/2019 | Capital FM

A Bosnian political party on Friday urged LGBT activists to scrap plans for Sarajevo’s first ever pride parade next month, warning it could “escalate” political tensions and trigger “negative consequences”. The centre-right “Narod i Pravda” party, which is part of the ruling coalition in the Sarajevo canton, said it feared the parade would “deteriorate the security situation” in the capital. “Any escalation of the already boiling political situation can have negative consequences,” the party warned. The leader of the regional government, however, responded Friday saying that march was approved by authorities and that it was their “duty” to ensure it unfolded in a “dignified and clam manner”. “I will do everything in my power to ensure that all its citizens are treated equally, that they have freedom of assembly and police protection,” regional Prime Minister Edin Forto, who hails from a liberal, multi-ethnic party, said in a statement.


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