ADDED ON: 04/24/2020

Books with LGBT+ themes are ‘most challenged’ in U.S.

04/23/2020 | Openly News

Books with gay and transgender topics got a record number of objections at U.S. libraries and schools in 2019, said research on Monday showing growing protests over LGBT+ themed literature. Eight of the top 10 “most challenged” books that parents and community members sought to be removed from shelves dealt with LGBT+ topics, said the American Library Association (ALA), a U.S. non-profit group. The most recent list showed more objections than ever to gay- and trans-themed books, said the ALA, which releases an annual list. Since 2016, at least half of the most challenged books have been LGBT+ related, it said. “We’re seeing a pushback against diversity and an effort to silence the voices of LGBT people, and, in a very real sense, trying to push these voices back into the closet,” said Deborah Stone, head of the ALA’s office for intellectual freedom. “There’s an effort to frame any LGBT materials as inherently unsuitable for minors if even those materials are age appropriate.” At the top of the list were Alex Gino’s “George” about a young trans girl and Susan Kuklin’s “Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out,” it said.


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