ADDED ON: 05/12/2019

Bisexual UK navy veteran stripped of medals to sue

05/09/2019 | Business Standard

A veteran who was dismissed from Britain’s Royal Navy because of his sexual orientation, has planned to sue the UK’s Defence Ministry for the return of his medals, which were cut from his chest when he was expelled in 1993. Joe Ousalice, 68, said he was “hounded out” of the navy and made to feel “disgusting” for being bisexual, after serving for almost 18 years, reports CNN. The British armed forces banned LGBT — lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender — service members until 2000, when the European Court of Human Rights ruled that it was unlawful. Ousalice, a former lead radio operator, served in the 1982 Falklands War, carried out six tours of Northern Ireland and travelled with the navy to Hong Kong and Egypt. He was awarded a long-service medal and good conduct badges.


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