ADDED ON: 08/23/2020

Beyond ‘he’ and ‘she’: 1 in 4 LGBTQ youths use nonbinary pronouns, survey finds

08/22/2020 | NBC News

One in 4 LGBTQ youths use pronouns other than he/him or she/hers, according to a survey released Wednesday by The Trevor Project, an LGBTQ suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization. The survey of about 40,000 LGBTQ young people ages 13 to 24 found that 75 percent of those who use pronouns other than the gender binary choose a combination of he/him, she/her and they/them to express the nuances of their genders. For example, a person might use “he and they” or “she and they” or “he, she and they.” The survey also found that 4 percent of respondents use “neopronouns,” including ze/zir, xe/xim and fae/faer, or combinations of the terms with other pronouns. For a society that has long been accustomed to only two sets of pronoun choices — she/her and he/him — the past several years have resulted in widespread education on the use of nonbinary gender pronouns, particularly they/them, which 5 percent of the surveyed LGBTQ youths reported using exclusively.


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