ADDED ON: 06/19/2022

Bermuda moves to recognise its last same-sex marriages

6/18/22 | Loop

Legislation was tabled in Bermuda’s House of Assembly today to recognise same-sex marriages that were carried until March 14, 2022, to be recognised. Deputy Premier and Minister of Home Affairs, Walter Roban, in presenting the Domestic Partnership Amendment Act 2022 in Parliament, noted there was a lot of confusion regarding the status of same-sex unions that were entered into after June 1, 2018, when new legislation regarding marriages took effect. “The uncertainty over the validity and recognition of same-sex marriages potentially has widespread negative effect on the rights previously enjoyed by the couples involved who were married lawfully under the law as it existed at the time, and who may suffer the loss or interruption of certain rights and benefits,” he said. “It is therefore not tenable to leave the Act as it is without making the appropriate amendments.”


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