ADDED ON: 05/14/2021

Benin: Threat On Transgender People and Their Defenders Following Assault On Three of Them

05/13/2021 | All Africa

Authorities in Benin must immediately take all necessary measures to protect transgender people and the associations that defend them, after three transgender women were forced to undress, beaten and robbed by a group of men at a bar in the capital Cotonou, Amnesty International said today. The attack, which took place on the night of 30 April, was filmed by the assailants who then posted the video on social media. After being assaulted, Kani, Fati and Jennifer-names by which they refer to themselves-who went to seek refuge with a local transgender association continued receiving threats. “The assault on the three transgender women must prompt the authorities to take stronger measures to protect them as well as all their defenders,” said Fabien Offner, Amnesty International West Africa researcher. “They should ensure transgender and intersex people who are victims of such violations have access to remedies. Perpetrators of this assault must also be identified and prosecuted during fair trial.”


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