ADDED ON: 12/10/2018

Bengaluru’s LGBTQIA+ Community Celebrates Namma Pride

12/10/2018 | Feminism in India

When petitions were filed against the Aadhaar in the Supreme Court years half a decade ago, nobody could have guessed that it would have such an impact on the rights of sexual minorities in India. This year, Bengaluru celebrated Namma Pride and Karnataka Queer Habba, under the banner Coalition for Sex workers, Sexual & Sexuality Minorities’ Rights (CSMR),  Bengaluru. CSMR volunteer Vishnu Teja, said, “This year’s pride march was historic as it is the first time since the Supreme Court’s ruling on the ‘right to privacy’. Although the court has accepted consensual sex between two adults, it still needs to accept marriage and adoption by the LGBT community.”


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