ADDED ON: 11/09/2020

Belgium to introduce ‘X’ as third, non-binary gender

11/09/2020 | The Brussels Times

Belgium’s new government will introduce gender-neutrality throughout its term and make it possible for non-binary citizens to use the gender identifier “X.” Federal Justice Minister Vincent Van Quickenborne said gender inclusion and self-determination will be one of the policies he will work on throughout his tenure, according to a general policy note released last week. Van Quickenborne’s note follows a Constitutional Court ruling last year which said Belgium’s law on transgender people should be made more inclusive, the Belga news agency reports. The court found that the law, which was passed in 2017 to allow people to modify the gender assigned to them at birth, needlessly maintained binary masculine and feminine genders, making it restrictive and discriminatory. It therefore ruled that the law must take into account a person’s right to self-determination. The justice minister said that his cabinet would push modifications of the law in parliament to “make [the law] on gender registration conform with the court’s decision.”


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