ADDED ON: 07/07/2022

Being gay in China has become harder in last decade: Report

06/07/2022 | Australian News

Being gay in China has become harder in the last decade as life has gotten harder since Xi Jinping came to power in 2012. Di Valerio Fabbri, writing in said that China’s muscular posture became prominent after Xi set a tone for a more assertive, self-reliant China strengthened by a growing population and traditional values. One outcome has been a subtle but constant narrowing of gay spaces — physical, virtual and philosophical. Xi Jinping has been tightening breathing space for civil society since he came to power and including groups serving the LGBTQ community. Legislations have been passed to ensure that unauthorised groups have difficulty surviving, for example by cutting them off from banking services or public meeting spaces or by banning media coverage. Moreover, some in China believe that being homosexual, bisexual, or trans is a foreign concept, based on the fact that numerous Western embassies in Beijing have highlighted LGBT rights.


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